More than 2,500 items at stock, various formats and grammages, lot of colors and the possibility to have “tailor made” products.


60 Brands

myWild Natural is particularly suited for blind embossing and letterpress.


myStardream EB has a special embossing and a silver finish, making it resemble a metal surface.

myStardream 2.0 amazes with extra whiteness and responds to the growing attention for eco-sustainable materials by being composed of 40% post-consumer waste.


myTasty is a luxury line of creative paper suited for food contact.


myTasty Dry (D) is exclusively formulated for direct contact with dry foods. It is produced in two versions, myAstropack and myModigliani, in the colour White.

Pleasing and recognisable to the touch, mySlide is an ideal choice for packaging and projects that require a distinctive paper.


The name myPlike is an abbreviation of plastic-like, and refers to a highly recognisable feel. Its distinct characteristics include excellent silkscreen results.


myKingdom XT-S è la finitura dall’appeal più contemporaneo e la superficie particolarmente liscia.


myKingdom Wove has a natural look and a natural feel.





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myCordenons is all about discovery, inspiration and consultancy. Listening to clients and helping them develop their creative concepts leads to unique results, thanks to a shared trip through reciprocal sources of input.

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The Cordenons paper mill lies in the Italian countryside of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. For centuries now, the use of the local resources has been attentively balanced to respect the correct functioning of the ecosystem.

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