Flexibility, inspiration and constant innovation

This is a paper collection of noteworthy performance. It offers solid inspiration to the creative process of designers choosing a historical brand. Here, craftsmanship and technological innovation are aligned to offer a unique emotive experience.

Treating each idea and project with the utmost care and professionality is an innate talent at myCordenons, as is supplying support and technical consultancy. Customised solutions can be created for peerlessly iconic project results.

Since 1630

Craftsmanship and knowledge handed down generation after generation. Making every sheet of paper with an immense legacy of skills.

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Over 2,500 items, more than 60 brands and 40 swatch folders feature countless different surfaces, weights, formats and colours.

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Since the 17th century, myCordenons has been creating high-quality paper whose elegance is given by masterful craftsmanship. A broad range of avant-garde papers. A flexible, eclectic approach. A capable partner in the creative process.

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The Cordenons paper mill lies in the Italian countryside of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. For centuries now, the use of the local resources has been attentively balanced to respect the correct functioning of the ecosystem.

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