The ultimate guide to printing techniques

myInspiration is the latest minibook that enriches
myPowerKit, the modular collection particularly appreciated by designers, printers and all those working with paper. It presents 35 different types of papers, taken from the myAgile and myInstinct families, on which the lion of the historical symbol
of myCordenons has been printed: the famous logo takes on different forms through multiple printing and finishing techniques, ranging from offset to digital, from foil blocking to blind embossing, from laser cutting to silk screen printing.

Through the various creative, graphic and photographic interpretations, myInspiration allows you to experience first-hand the entire world of
printing techniques on various substrates or to experiment with different methodologies on a single support. Each representation of the lion is accompanied by a description of the paper and the printing techniques.

The synthesis proposed by myInspiration is a valuable collection of the possibilities offered by myCordenons papers, confirming the brand’s rich heritage and commitment to excellence.