More than 2,500 items at stock, various formats and grammages, lot of colors and the possibility to have “tailor made” products.


60 Brands

The embossed papers of myAstroprint are the tools of enhancement to make every project unique with tactile and visual effects that are elegant and distinctive.


Produced with 100% recycled fibre, this is a perfect paper for packaging projects that wish to promote a circular economy.

The classic look of linen paper brings to mind traditional handicraft.


This finely embossed white bookbinding paper is ideal for covering purposes.

Refined and contemporary, myAstropremium offers good whiteness in a broad selection of weights. Smooth, natural paper feel, pleasant to the touch.

Natural paper feel, elevated whiteness and excellent rigidity are the most important characteristics of this line.

mySo...Silk is enriched with silk fibre in homage to one of the most elegant, luxurious and regal fabrics ever created.


mySo...Wool is a truly precious paper. The presence of fine filaments makes it soft to the touch and unmistakable to the eye.


This is paper with a wild heart and substantial thickness.





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myCordenons is all about discovery, inspiration and consultancy. Listening to clients and helping them develop their creative concepts leads to unique results, thanks to a shared trip through reciprocal sources of input.

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The Cordenons paper mill lies in the Italian countryside of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. For centuries now, the use of the local resources has been attentively balanced to respect the correct functioning of the ecosystem.

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