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Sustainability is a challenge and a goal. It implies an increasingly ecological approach, continuous improvement of the production cycle, and the development of products that are at once creative and ecological. Reaching ambitious aims to preserve the environment, which includes the raw materials for paper, requires investment that in turn leads to competitive advantage. With awareness of sustainability growing internationally, a company whose choices are based on respect for the environment acquires trustworthiness for being forward-thinking and capable of producing added value.

This value is given by concrete action and ambitious industrial choices aimed at a circular economy. myCordenons uses wood pulp from responsibly managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC® (FSC- C012975), and reuses materials left over from the production process. Noteworthy results have been obtained thanks to collaboration with qualified suppliers aligned with the corporate philosophy; and thanks to a team of employees whose competencies are continually developing in an inclusive workplace where talent is fostered.

In 2020, the myCordenons production plants were the protagonists of frontline research and innovation, an important initiative to detect and analyse the risks of machinery and manufacturing procedures. After a meticulous preparation phase to define the most effective evaluation method, the project was applied to production and coating lines at the myCordenons mill. Analysis will now be conducted at the eight other paper production plants belonging to Fedrigoni Group.


The wide range of offerings at myCordenons includes a paper category called Blu&Green, which collects all papers containing recycled fibre. This versatile portfolio features products built on environmental, social and governance (E.S.G.) considerations, three major factors by which to measure the sustainability of an investment.


A portfolio of highly innovative papers made as alternatives to similar products on the market that are less sustainable.


myChange, a highly innovative range, exists in fireproof and waterproof versions. These are good alternatives to less ecological flame-retardant and water-resistant paper products on the market.


myLeatherlike conveys the craftsmanship of skilled artisans and the creativity of the style departments. Particularly suited for covering purposes and luxury packaging. The textures of different types of leather make for a unique tactile and visual impression.


myPlike is a soft, sensual paper, captivating to the touch. The name myPlike is an abbreviation of plastic-like, and refers to a highly recognisable feel.


myTasty is a luxury line of creative paper suited for food contact. Conceived to serve as elegant wrapping for foods, it is produced in accordance with the rigorous quality standards.


The research and development department is dedicated to the fine-tuning of new creative papers, supplying on-demand papers, and customising colour, format and texture. R&D also conducts special projects that incorporate scraps from industrial procedures. In a word, experimentation with new, innovative solutions is constant and ongoing.

Vision and aims

myCordenons strives to make manufacturing as efficient as possible while fully respecting the environment. The company follows the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Fedrigoni Group strategy regarding environmental, social and governance considerations.
Making Progress is the guideline. The transformation process at myCordenons is led by awareness and measurability, two fundamental aspects of responsibility when it comes to environmental impact, sustainability, business and people.

Fedrigoni Group Goals for 2030

-30% absolute CO₂ emissions (Scope 1 and 2). From 330kt to 240 ktons CO₂ (vs. 2019)  

90% of suppliers by spend, covering purchased good and services and capital goods, with science-based targets (vs. 2022)  

100% industrial waste recovered. We want to eliminate waste destined for landfills (vs. 2019) 

95% of supplier spending base assessed also according to ESG criteria (vs. 2020) 

-10% of freshwater withdrawal  (vs. 2022)  

100% of products designed for optimal end-of-life recycling and recovery. With LCA on demand and based on FSC pulp only, where applicable (vs. 2022) 

-85% work-related injury rate (vs. 2020)  

-35% of women in managerial positions (vs. 2020) 

-100% People involved in individual development-oriented performance interviews (vs. 2020)  

-Inclusion of ESG goals in the variable compensation evaluation (vs. 2020) 

-UNGC Adhesion to United Nations Global Compact (vs. 2020) 

-Platinum medal in the EcoVadis sustainability rating (vs. 2020) 

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myCordenons is FSC® (FSC- C012975) certified and can supply a wide range of certified products.

FSC® (FSC- C012975)

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