PEA Filtration Cartridges

Micro-filter PEA (PES) cartridges have been designed in order to utilize the wide filtering surface of the pleated PES membrane. This is used in several fields of application for the treatment of liquid substances.  Hydrophilic PES membranes do not contain wetting agents and have a low level of extractable compounds so are the ideal solution for all systems requiring a high purity rate of filtered products. 


Tipo di Cartuccia

SF-PEA Certificata

Grado di filtrazione (micron)

0,1 | 0,2 | 0,45
0,65 | 0,8 | 1


S 10''
D 20''
T 30''
Q 40''

Tipo di attacco

AK cod.8
AX cod.7
AY cod.3