PF-PFA Cartridges

PFA cartridges are depth filters with absolute filtration ratings that give high performances due to its stringent production process. The polypropylene fibres used have an increasingly higher density towards the inner core of the cartridge and are thermically bound to reduce the phenomena of fibre release and contaminating substance discharge. These items are 100% thermo-bound polypropylene which complies with FDA regulations. This is achieved without adding binding agents or resins and the cartridges are manufactured on a thermo-welded polypropylene core where the connections are directly applied to ensure a greater strength. The quality of PFA cartridges is certified ISO 9001 and meets all design, production, and quality guarantee issues. PFA complies with USP requirements for class VI for plastic materials. All components comply with the requirements of CFR Title 21 with regard to contact with food products. CHARACTERISTICS: Absolute retention rating (Beta 5.000, efficiency 99.98%. A density-gradient structure ensures the highest retention of impurities. A high porosity degree offers high flow with low start pressure drops. Wide chemical compliance. The specific thermo-binding process of fibres ensures a low level of extractable compounds. The decreasing porosity ensures a long-lasting filter with liquids with a high impurity level. PF range for industrial application is also available, with nominal retention degrees.


Tipo di Cartuccia

SF-PFA Certificata

SF-PFA Industriale

Grado di filtrazione (µm )

0,5 | 1 | 3
5 | 10 | 20
50 | 70 | 90
1 | 5 | 10
20 | 30 | 50
75 | 100 | 150


S |10"
D | 20"
T | 30"
Q | 40"

Tipo di attaco

AK cod. 8
AX cod. 7
AY cod. 3
N Nuda