2022 Annual Report: Discover the numbers of Fedrigoni Group

Let’s point the spotlight on myCordenons, which has been part of the Fedrigoni Group for some years now: proud of a rich history dating back to the 17th century, the company today serves as a creative laboratory for cutting-edge customization projects, with the ambition to create papers that don’t exist yet.
Innovation runs through the pages of this issue of Pulp, starting with the upcycling created by Albini_next and Fedrigoni, able to combine the textile world with paper. Chinese famous designer Jiaying Han shares his insights giving new perspective about the growth of graphic design. A theme that is taken up by Zarate Insa and Ana Frietas, design studios that offer interesting suggestions. The journey continues along South America, the USA and Europe meeting the three graphic designers Ismael Prieto, Laurent Hainaut, Adele Bacci in an engaging discussion about the relationship that is created between designers and clients. Finally, we conclude by emphasizing the importance of considering the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of a product: its analysis (LCA) is extremely useful in design and production processes.

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